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Boiler inspection
To cater to the needs of clients most effectively, inspection is carried out on-site during port stay or sailing by trained & qualified engineers who have extensive experience in boiler repairs. Sophisticated equipments like, video scopes, ultrasonic thickness gouging and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) may be used depending upon the nature and purpose of inspection.
Boiler maintenance


We combine our vast experience, perfection and proven process to deliver quality boiler repair services during planned or emergency outages for Power Plants and during Dry-Docking, Anchorage, lay by or Sea Voyage to save costly downtime or off hire for the shipping industry. Skilled Boiler makers & class certified welders with an experience of minimum 10 years ensure that repairs are carried out keeping in mind the critical application of the equipment. We combine our vast experience, perfection and proven process to deliver quality boiler repair services

Regular Servicing is the best way to ensure your boiler is operating efficiently and at the optimum level. At almufaddal we provide a unique proactive maintenance program which pays dividends in not only peak boiler performance but also in the overall safety of those working In the boiler plant. This type of maintenance approach uses scientific testing techniques and analysis to anticipate and correct, by either repair or replacement, problems before they arise.

  • Complete or partial retubing of water tube or fire tube boilers, air pre-heaters, economizers, super heater element, heat exchangers condensers tube bundles.
    Boiler repair
  • Short term plugging of leaks.
  • Replacement or repair of tube plates.
  • Tube Replacement.
  • Access Tube repair or replacement.
  • Furnace tube repair or replacement.
  • Replacement of mud or manhole rings,
  • Casing repairs or replacement.
  • Boiler section replacement.
  • Service & Refurbishing of Boiler Mountings
  • Refractory / firebrick sales and service to fire tube, water tube and boilers.
  • Mechanical & chemical cleaning using High Pressure Jet Washing Machine.

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