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Economizers inspection
Economizers repair
Economizers can save a great deal of energy. They can also waste energy if they are not operating property or are improperly adjusted. Many economizers are not functioning at all or are out of service because they are not well understood by some service technicians. Many service technicians simply disable them. It is essential that economizers are working property and saving energy rather than increasing costs.

Our team of Expert Engineers is ready to inspect, submit documented report, repair completely rebuilt, design, install and trace the trouble shooting components for all types of Economizers such Plain Tube, Spiral Fin Tube. Helical Fin Tube, Pin Tube. Single & Double H finned tubes. Our stock of fabrication dies allow us to provide everything from super heater elements to single bends.

Super Heater
Economizers maintenance

One of the most important accessories of a boiler is a super heater. Steam will leave the water at its surface and pass into the steam space. Steam formed above the water surface is always saturated and cannot become superheated in the boiler shell, as it is constantly In contact with the water surface. If superheated steam is required, the saturated steam must pass through a super heater. This is simply a heat exchanger where additional heat is added to the saturated steam. The super heater increases the capacity of the plant, eliminates erosion & reduces steam consumption of the steam turbine.

We have the expertise and facilities to fabricate the super heater coils in most complicated shapes, gage and size and the craft man ship to install in most confined places within a stipulated time. Depending upon the temperatures we can offer different grades of lube material from stock.
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