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Plate heat exchangers
Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) & Fresh Water Generator
Plate heat exchangers
Plate heat exchangers
We offer complete plate heat exchangers testing and repair for the refurbishment of plate heat exchangers that encompasses dismantling, chemical cleaning, crack detection and a visual examination of the plates, regasketing, re-assembly and pressure testing. Our service centre has the ability to restore your plates with best possible results. To facilitate these services we can supply through our network of sources worldwide, plate packs on exchange / loan basis for P26, P36 & DPU 36 units at a very reasonable price. Complete Reconditioned Freshwater Generator of DPU with New Condenser and Evaporator for Titanium Plates is also available.

Spare Supplies

  • Brand New Non OEM Nirex Titanium Plates & Gaskets interchangeable to Alfa Laval Model P26 & P36
  • Brand New Original & Non OEM Plates in 304/316 & Titanium and Gaskets suitable for APV & GEA PHE’s.
  • Brand New PHE plates in 304/316 applicable to the marine & other industries for Alfa Laval, Tranter, VICARB, Schmidt Breton can be arranged.
  • Replacement spares for Atlas, Sondex & Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generators (Distillers)
  • Brand New Distillate Pump (PVVF, ESD) Ejector Pump (CNL type), spare shafts, wear rings, Non return valve, Diaphragm, Pressure Gauges, Clamping Bolt &Clamping Nut, thermometer W/Pocket rubber sleeves, Non return flap valve in NBR/EPDM are also available.

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