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Post weld heat treatment
Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
Post weld heat treatment
Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) is a controlled heating and cooling process performed after welding/machining to improve the chemical / mechanical / matallurgical properties of weldment / machined surfaces, generally termed as Stress Relieving.

Almufaddal brings the same uncompromising, cost-effective standards of quality and safety to each and every job. Utilizing a wide range of technologies, trained technicians manage heat treating flow and temperature requirements with pinpoint precision. From small complex fittings to massive pressure vessels and turbines. ALMUFADDAL ENGG provides the best possible solutions for all heat treating applications. Some of the adventages of using ALMUFADDAL ENGG services are:
Post weld heat treatment
  • Well established, customer oriented Service Company in Dubai, UAE known for its dedicated service in the heat treatment for years.
  • Has vast experience in providing on-site PWHT services to various Industrial sectors all over UAE.
  • Has the ability to meet all of your pre and post weld heat treatment needs.
  • Has a team of highly skilled and trained welding specialists who ensure the structural integrity of the vessal or unit during treatment with ease, meeting all welding code requirements.
  • Employs advanced, PLC controlled portable PWHT equipment that is readily available for deployment in your area / work site within shortest span of time and helps achieve the precise control needed to get the maximum benifit from the treatment.
  • Takes pride themselves on providing the highest level of service and attention to detail that every project deserves.
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